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problem when i came in as governor of the state of wisconsin, john. we were in debt and i came in and with democrats in control of both houses of the legislature, cut taxes 91 times. we reformed spending in the legislature and the state. we were able to create 742,000 jobs. the biggest increase in jobs ever in the history of our state. we turned the state around. i can to the same thing at the federal level. what do we have to do? we have to put in a balanced budget amendment around then we've got to request that every federal agency comes in with a 5% reduction from what they got the previous year and give the secretaries the opportunity to be able to get rid of programs that don't work. nobody in washington ever gets rid of anything. but if you would give the secretaries who run the departments the opportunity to cut back 5% and get rid of programs, you will see the federal government, just like the state did, run more efficiently and better. >> representative baldwin? >> thank you. let me talk about what i would cut in order to grapple with our deficit and our debt. i'd end
bay, lisa patro, wqow tv o'claire and john quarter, news director waftvreinlander. we'll begin with one-minute opening statements. senator baldwin, your opening statement? >> thank for you this opportunity. over this last year i've traveled this great state meeting with people who are working hard, playing by the rules and trying to get ahead. unfortunately, for so many, it's been harder and harder just to get by. and what's changed hasn't been our work ethic, it's been the rules. you know, today in washington, big powerful entrusts the ones with a whole lot of money and best lobbyists get to write their own rules and there's too many politicians who are eager to help them. people feel that washington isn't listening to the struggles of middle class families, and that's why wisconsin needs a senator who will. i've spent my time in washington being a voice for the struggles of middle class families and standing up to powerful interests like wall street, big oil, and the big health insurance companies. my opponent spent his time in washington helping these same powerful interests
you not vote for, john cornyn. if the republicans gain control of the senate -- you have said twice, on two occasions, he would not guarantee you would support john cornyn. that is because your money comes from jim demint. if you are interested texas, how could do not support our senior senator majority leader in the abandoned the majority party if the republican party? you'll not commit to him. >> mr. cruz? >> if mr. sadler suggests that as a criteria voters should use, who will stand more closely with john cornyn, that is not a complicated question. john is enthusiastically supporting me with in this campaign. he is campaigning on the road with me. >> the question is whether you would support him. >> we will try one more time. >> would you vote for john cornyn as majority leader of the set? >> he is not running for majority leader. >> would you vote for him? >> i know you are believing you are cross-examining a witness to to just answer my question. yes or no. >> i know you are leaving -- yes or no. >> let me know when you are done. >> give me a response, what ever it is, and then
left wing. it's too bad more media organizations cannot find a way to be unbiased. and john says they're more fair than last time around during the 2008 primary and general election, only because they want the republicans to think they have a real shot so the money coffers on the right will feel more comfortable donating large sums of money. finally maurice says the mainstream media deliberately are excluding coverage of any news that reflects badly on the obama administration. wabc radio in new york, for example, reported on the slightly better job report for this week, but made no mention of the poor g.d.p. and durable goods numbers yesterday. and we will talk about those issues with maria bartiromo of cnbc when she comes out and joins us in about 15, 20 minutes. d.w. emails in, the candidates are the result of the media. the media does not reflect the report on them, it creates them. when a candidate complains about the media, it's like a mind where the ego complains about the sub-conscious, pure illusion. becky says of course the mainstream media is biased. it will take a blitheri
to reform the internal revenue service. i've worked with george bush and john mccain to normalize relations with vietnam. it was a wonderful bipartisan accomplishment that i am proud of. it is not just identifying republicans. the rules have to change, and i promise you, i believe i can persuade americans to amend the constitution, to allow the congress to ban both outside money and limit the amount of money in campaigns because it is corrupting our political decision-making. we need to change the rules of the filibuster and reduce the number of committees, to reform the congressional pension. there are many changes that need to occur, not just identifying somebody that i can work with, but who am i going to fight. i will be fighting with mitch mcconnell and harry reid on a regular basis. >> thank you. you have 30 seconds for a bottle. -- rebuttal. >> throughout my adult life i have been fortunate to serve on a number of boards, commissions. i was a school board member over 20 years. you learn to work with people. on a school board you work with educators and people with the community. i ha
becoming more polarized and more centered on the left and right. mccainearly 2000's, john carry 20% of the republican senate caucus formication/fine gold. it happened in the house because moderate republicans voted for it against their party leadership. those senators who voted for mccain- feingold are gone. the party has moved on and the ball. the ball. but there the 1990's were perennial discussions about changing the campaign of finance. it took place in the world or someone like the republican leader was interested in making sure each of the republicans got a good deal or not a bad deal but he is not opposed to reform or legislation. this is partially or largely because we have an fcc that is deadlocked at 3-3 because it takes four votes. that is a 2/3 requirement for the fcc to do anything. it is now as a prize of they don't. i think there really is a change in the way congress looks at this in a non-partisan way. i still hold out hope that after the election in the new congress that will at least take care of this of this closure. -- of this disclosure. they say the disclosu
as a cancer surgeon today at johns hopkins. but i bumped into one of those people i met later life and he was at a conference and he said, how many of you know another doctor who should not be operating because he or she is too dangerous. every single one of the 2000 people in the audience raised their hands. we have a serious problem with the mass of variation and the quality of health care. it frustrates doctors alike just as much as patients. unless we get to this issue of quality, getting to measuring it, how will we address health care costs in the u.s. and? dr.: back in the 1970's, nolan from minnesota wrote a book, ", a surgeon under the knife" and it was a best seller at the time. are you familiar with the book? guest: it is a great book. i applaud anyone who comes out and speaks openly and honestly about the problems in health care without alienating the doctors or the medical community. let's face it, there are a million doctors in the u.s.. they are on the better side of health care. we ought to be careful about the inflammatory ways this can be treated by the media. we should
points. these are not implausible assumptions. mitt romney would have to get double john mccain's margin of 18 points. could have to up to 36 points. that is if it does not change. d, ands does get realize if the white college graduates face about the same, it means that met romney would have to get north of 40 point margin of the white voter. let's take a look of where we are now. this is the gold standard. breaks. this shows that obama is leading by 8 points. if you look at the averages, it is a bit high. the averages are running about four points. you are probably up by five points. this is within the averages. it is similar to the pole from the heartland monitor which will talk about later. overall top line, a look at the margin, 91 points. that is basically identical. 7222 among 852 margin. most have been showing this. what this means is that the idea that obama could get 80% of the minority vote is quite logical based on these and other data that looks like what he will get. this shows you the break out for college graduates. , obama is doing a little bit better among white graduat
will be asking questions tonight. they are john mashek of the boston globe, ann compton of abc news, and sander vanocur, a freelance journalist. we will follow a format agreed to by representatives of the clinton and bush campaigns. that agreement contains no restrictions on the content or subject matter of the questions. each candidate will have up to 2 minutes for a closing statement. the order of those, as well as the questioning, was determined by a drawing. the first question goes to mr. perot. he will have 2 minutes to answer, to be followed by rebuttals of one minute each from governor clinton and then president bush. gentlemen, good evening. the first topic tonight is what separates each of you from the other. mr. perot, what do you believe tonight is the single most important separating issue of this campaign? >> i think the principal that separates me is that 5 and a half million people came together on their own and put me on the ballot. i was not put on the ballot by either of the 2 parties; i was not put on the ballot by any pac money, by any foreign lobbyist money, by any special
that are working. st. john's hospital in springfield took the medicare -- medicare population and with quality and control and customer satisfaction they were able to reduce $17 million in medicare payments that were owed. as a result, they got a bonus of $4 million. that is incentivizing. we need to incentivize prevention and spending less money. many of the government's entitlement programs, medicare and medicaid are all coming to a cross. they are coming towards a financial cliff where we will not be able to save them if we do not make drastic cuts now. i would propose block granting the state's money based on population to deliver health care for seniors and people over 55. i feel the state's would be more close to the people of this date, more apt to listen to the legislatures and provide you with a better service for your dollars. i think anytime you expect the government to manage your money efficiently, we can look at the record of spending money recklessly with mismanagement. i feel we really need to make some tough choices or we will all be left with nothing. >> would you like to res
to local communities to find new ways to care for victims. i want to thank johns hopkins university, which will focus on how to best care for child victims. finally, as one of the largest purchasers of goods and services in the world, the united states government will lead by an example. we have taken steps to make sure our contractors do not engage in forced labor, and we will go further. i have signed a new executive order that raises the bar, that is specific about the prohibitions, and we're making clear that american tax dollars must never ever be used to support the trafficking of human beings. we will have zero tolerance. we mean what we say. we will enforce it. no government can meet this challenge alone. everybody has a responsibility. every nation can take action. modern anti-trafficking laws must be passed and enforced. victims must be cared for. the united states congress should renew the trafficking victims protection act. this is a no-brainer. we need to get that down. -- get that done. as nations, let's recommit to addressing the underlying forces that pushed so many into bo
in the developing world. an example, the john deere company developed a suite of farm tools that could be attached to a small tractor. the result has been a good investment for the company and a greater opportunity for african farmers who are able to grow more crops and provide for more plentiful lives of their own. for american foreign aid to become more effective, it has got to embrace the principles that you see in these global initiatives -- the power of partnerships, access to the transformative nature of free enterprise, and the leverage of the abundant resources that can come from the private sector. i believe there are three legitimate object of our foreign aid in this country. first is to address humanitarian needs. this is the case with petfar, -- pepfar, which has given millions help. the second is to foster substantial united states' strategic interests, perhaps military, diplomatic, or economic. the third is one that has to receive more attention at a higher priority in the romney administration. that is something that elevates people and brings about lasting change in communities and
that are working. st. johns hospital in springfield, took their medicare population and with quality control and customer satisfaction, they were able to reduce $17 million in medicare payment that's were owed. as a result, they got a bonus of $4 million. that's what we need to do in a capitalistic system. spending less money rather than incentivizing more treatment. >> jonathan dine >> like many of the government entitlement programs, medicare, medicaid are all coming to a cusp. they are coming towards a financial cliff where we will not going to be able to save them. i would propose block granting the states money based on population to deliver healthcare for seniors and people over 55. i feel that the states will be more closer to people of the state actually more listen to the legislator and provide you better service. any time you expect the government to manage your money efficiently, we can look at the record of spending mon wrecklessly with mismanagement. i feel hadwe really need to make tough choice or we will all be left with nothing. >> congressman an and senator mccaskill privati
's hear from john in pennsylvania on the independent line. good morning. will the vice-presidential candidates impact your vote? are you there? let's try missoni in fort worth, texas. -- tony in fort worth, on the democratic line. caller: yes, i think it will impact the vote, for me in particular. during the primaries, i think mitt romney and saw that a generic candidate would probably beat barack obama. i think that's why he is not elaborate on any of his plans. then he chose paul ryan, who has a very distinguished voting record and he has written policies that are extremely right-wing. so i think that he has put himself between a rock and a hard place when you are looking at what he thinks and what paul ryan thinks. often conflict over their different views. host: everything happening over the weekend and this week is very busy under the umbrella of lots more polls coming out. here's one in the "washington times" -- the washington post says the race is tight but not in the key states. they point out to that nationally the race is not moved since early september. carol
, especially at iowa. seeing the way that john edwards interacted, there were problems between the two of them and it was very revealing about his personality. it tells a lot about this person. >> i don't have much more data on those experiences. [indiscernible] i think ann romney was quoted the other day about the criticism that her husband is getting. i got a lot of the males -- emails on our blog varying from good for her to "doesn't she get it?" or "imagine if michelle obama said that." it was probably not something that the campaign wanted as a structure of a statement. she was talking about her husband and talking about seeing her husband. the responses that you chose to run for office. what we demand of our candidates is a lot. even for the criticism that he is getting about not doing enough in terms of events, he is doing a tremendous number of fund-raising, having a discussion about whether we should do other things. it is incredibly hard and incredibly grueling. it is impressive that they don't make more mistakes and off-cue moments. myan't imagine watching husband go through that. m
: john, spring, texas, a republican at. caller: i think it would be crazy to eliminate the un. it tends to do a lot more good. i think our main problem is israel has 400 nuclear devices and the most advanced f-16's. that the major problem with the world. host: springfield gardens, ronald, and independents. -- an independent. caller: when the man said americans don't know history, he stole my fire. if they knew the history of iran, then maybe they would not be so fast to condemn them as being terrorists or whatever. it is important that people find out what happened and not just go by news pundits, because a lot of times they disregard history. as far as the u.n. is concerned, it is a good thing. t is just that they don't convene enough. bacon not convene another because they don't have the political backing to prevent the very powerful nations doing what they want to. so i'm not sure how great its doing. it's doing good on a peacekeeping side but on the prevention side needs a lot of help. host: what did you make of the u.n. efforts to try to go into syria earlier this year, to have a s
the supreme court. some construction taking place. next is john from indiana. the republican line, good morning. caller: if you look at the gallup polls, you can pretty much see that democrats are losing a lot. their registration between 2004 and until now. you look at the republicans and what they are not able to get across is the fact we have a big financial cliff that we are going to go over. nobody is worrying about that. i think third parties are going to gain a whole bunch by the fact that when our nation does go over the cliff financially or we have a lot more problems, people are going to leave the party. they are going to become more and more involved in what is happening in our nation. it has not been so much in the past. they just upset the elections for some of the candidates. i just think they will be more relevant in the future. as the tea party is not able to help out with the republicans, i think he will see a lot of people in the grass roots level leave the two parties and go to the third party. host: thank you for the call. jill stein just received a hundred $60,000 fr
: not really. host: john is on the independent line from maine. caller: yes, i will be watching. i'm a student of human nature, that's all. politicians will always be politicians. i'm not a fanatic on either side. i am just watching to -- their promises don't mean nothing. if they are not backed up with the congress and the senate, they don't mean anything. but it's nice to watch to see a what they will promise, if anything. i am from an old school of politics. i was brought up in new york at the tail end of tammany hall. they were not exactly straight -- anyway. i will watch out of curiosity to see how they present themselves more than anything else. i don't have a particular party. paul joins us on the republican line from west virginia. caller: when i am concerned about is the moderator. during the republican debates, fox news did one of the debates and that was -- they asked the more important questions and it was probably the best debate there was. but now we have four left-wing liberal moderator's and i am sure they will skew the debate. they will ask the questions in such a way that it
-- to be specific, ken john boehner -- can't john boehner say he will make a deal with barack obama even though he is in the middle of an election? >> that is a good question. a leading player in texas who is now on k street, but more on the debt -- the democratic side. in a conversation, the republican said, the democrats will have to to -- will have to cave on taxes because john minnert cannot -- and john painter cannot move his caucus before january 1, but the president can rollover before then. i think we see this as a prescription for never getting anywhere. the hope is that after the election, the discussion proceeds in such a fashion that there can be agreement in december. but i think the very point and you mentioned is one of the reasons that it is more likely we get a deal in january than december. it is precisely because of what you just mentioned about john boehner and the elections in the house. i should state it more clearly the bottom line question is, what does it take the house republican caucus to move? i hope i am wrong on this. i believe the house republican caucus will not mov
that john f. kennedy was running against richard nixon. i was chairman of "minnesotans for kennedy,'' president reagan was chairman of a thing called "democrats for nixon.'' now, maybe we made a wrong turn with kennedy, but i'll be proud of supporting him all of my life. and i'm very happy that john kennedy was elected, because john kennedy looked at the future with courage, saw what needed to be done, and understood his own government. the president just said that his government is shrinking. it's not. it's now the largest peacetime government ever in terms of the take from the total economy. and instead of retreating -- instead of being strong where we should be strong, he wants to make it strong and intervene in the most private and personal questions in american life. shouldwhere government not be. >> mr. president? >> before i campaigned as a democrat for a republican candidate for president, i had already voted for dwight eisenhower to be president of the united states. and so, my change had come earlier than that. i hadn't gotten around to reregistering as yet. i found that
on the wealthy. >> all right. we go to mr. perot for a two-minute question, and asked by john may can sheck. >> mr. perot, you asked about sharing the pain. as part of plan to reduce the federal deficit, you suggested we raise gasoline taxes 50 cents a gallon over the next five years. why punish the middle class to such a degree? >> it gets to 50 cents at the end of the fifth year. i think "punish" is the wrong word. again, i didn't create this problem. we a trying to solve it. if you study our international competitors, clengts up to $3.50 in taxes and use that mon to create jobs and build infrastructure. we collect 35 skhrentss and we don't have it to spend. i noi it's not popular, and i understand the nature of ur question, but the people who will be helped the most by it are the working people who will get the jobs created because of this why do we have to do it? kpwaus we have so mismanaged our country oifrer the years and it is now time to play the fiddleer, and if we don't, we will be our children's money. we have spent $4 trillion worth. an incredible number of children are active
deal. it is a puzzle no one knows the answer to. the second justice to think about is john roberts. he pays not a pivotal role eligible but he played a heavy role in terms of how fast the court does anything. when they have a solid majority, if they want to get to the end results. kennedy will provide a strong vote in. the chief justice has been more concerned about taking things incrementally. it will turn out. you think it is unconstitutional tax do you take a baby step in that area? do you say that section 5 is unconstitutional across the board? de you car back on the number of jurisdictions that are subject to the pre-clearance regime. you will find an incredibly important role. the fourth amendment case can cover the docket of all the cases coming up. be attentive to the new grant on when it is the police can take blood when you're driving under the influence. there is an important thing about that. there were shut down on the ground the police that you have a warrant. i would be surprised if the state lost that. the atoll in the blood dissipates. i believe there is a right to tak
john roberts as well as scalia, elena kagan and clarence thomas. >> on friday, the federalist society how the discussion previewing the supreme court term. they will consider a challenge to the 1965 voting act, at the legality of a surveillance program, and an affirmative action case. from the national press club, this is about 1.5 hours. >> good afternoon. i am doug cox. welcome to our september luncheon. today's event is sponsored by the societies practice group, the lawyers chapter in the faculty division. our program is a little different from the regular lunches that take place in chinatown. there is no kung po on the menu. the new supreme court term promises to be one of those very important things. we have pulled together an all- star panel of experts to give us their thoughts and insights. our moderator today is pete williams. he is well known for being one of the first journalists along with his colleague to get this right on that december evening with the decision came down. we're grateful he is here today. >> each of our panelists has a set of want to talk about. whole time
and being republican, it is not happening at all. host: you might remember john anderson won 6.6% of the national vote. ralph nader has won several times. you have been called the original tea party candidate. i want to play a little bit of tape with ross perot. we will show this interview tonight at 9:00 p.m. he reflects on the tea party movement. let's take a listen. [video clip] >> i'm wondering what your thoughts were with the tea party revolution. >> it was interesting to see that happen. i was surprised. i think it had managed in impact, don't you? i think it was a healthy thing to happen. hopefully a lot of american citizens. host: what do you make of the tea party movement? guest: the notion of dollars and sense that we have to balance revenues with expenditures -- initially it was all about spending. i am an line with that. talk about the occupied movement. it is about the inequality that exists in this country. i don't think republicans and the difference between corporate welfare and free markets. democrats, the same way. by adopting the fair tax, i think we kick hal
statistics. also joining us from pittsburgh is john mendeloff, the director of iran center for health and -- rand center for health and safety, in the workplace. mr. mendeloff, could you explain what the rand center is? guest: yes, we work with both labour and management will work with how to improve public policy and research safety and health injuries. if we have studied many different government programs to see if they are working. we have looked at innovative ideas to see whether they are worth passing on to other governments and trying out. that has been our focus. we have the support of our rights report of a number of corporations, and also labor unions. host: and you have listened to our conversation so far and heard some of those statistics. what are some of the solutions to either improve the workplace, especially when it comes to fatal injuries, 4609? what are some of the recommendations that the rand center has made? guest: let me provide some perspective on that. in the year after world war i ended, there were 3000 workplace fatalities it just in the state of pennsylvania
to act as speaker pro tempore on this day. signed, john a. boehner, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: the prayer will be offered by the guest chaplain, the reverend patrick rifle from st. peter catholic church in washington, d.c. the chaplain: let us pray. god, our father, you guide everything in wisdom and love. you are good, forgiving, full of love to all who call upon you. we now praise you for that love and rejoice in your abundant blessings. you call us today to grow in the knowledge of that love and invite us to receive your blessing. accept the prayers we offer for our beloved nation. protect it and keep it ever in your sight. and fill this house of representatives with your holy wisdom, strengthen these representatives and their staff as they labor for what is good and just. may true harmony, lasting freedom and justice be secured for all so that there may be lasting peace. we ask this in your most holy name. amen. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to section 3-a of house resolution 788, the journal of the last day's proceedings is
and then talk with john glastris in our final segment. he is with the washington monthly. he will talk to us about the consumer financial protection bureau and an article in the current edition of washington monthly. "too important to fail" is the title of. that segment will include your phone calls. we will be back after news from c-span radio. >> international news from the associated press says the protest has turned violent increase. police are using teargas and pepper spray on demonstrators who have been throwing molotov cocktails and bottles in athens anti--- following an government rally. it's a general strike against new austerity measures in greece. the pakistan taliban is granting amnesty to a cabinet minister who is offering a $100,000 reward for anyone who tells the neighbor of an anti-islamic film produced in the u.s. the film has sparked violent protests across the moslem world. the pakistani taliban spokesman says the minister's offer represents the true spirit of islam and so the taliban are taking the minister of their hit list. the pakistani government says the minister's r
. signed, john a. boehner, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: the prayer will be offered today by our chaplain, father conroy. chaplain conroy: let us pray. eternal god we give you thanks for giving us another day. we thank you once again that we your creatures can come before you and ask guidance for the men and women of this assembly. send your spirit of peace, honesty, and fairness during these weeks of political campaign. may their ears and hearts be opened to listen to the hopes and needs of those whom they represent and whom they seek to represent. bless the people of this great nation with wisdom, knowledge, and understanding that they might responsibly participate in our american democratcy. -- democratcy. please keep all who work for the people's house in good health that they might faithfully fulfill the great responsibility given them to the service to the work of the capitol. bless us this day and every day and may all that is done here be for your greater honor and glory. amen. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to section 3-a house resolution
. this is an article about a congressional race. john mckenna is pictured here with robert downey jr.. when there is a celebrity news article, people pay more attention. the iowa ledger is not a real paper. he is not a real candidate. we are not very familiar with iowa politics and i would journalism. people read this thinking it was true. for half of the respondents, i want to emphasize he was described as a democrat and half and he was described as a republican. we wanted to make sure these exist even if the of the mission goes against what you wish was true. next slide. all of these groups read the exact same article, with one small change. the first group, at -- it had a false claim not corrected. the second, the article had the same false claim but immediately after, it had a retraction. the third group, read the same article without the in -- without the misinformation or the correction. this is a typical piece of information you see in a campaign. this was a bad guy. he ran and i was drug rain. he was convicted of first-degree murder. this is a very negative claim. next slide. the co
of washington university, in st. louis, missouri. 3 journalists will be asking questions, john mashek, ann compton of abc news, and sander vanocur. >> we will follow a format agreed to agreed by the clinton and bush campaigns. that contains no restriions on the content or subject matter of the questions. each candidate will haveup to 2 minutes for a closing atement. the order of those as well as the questioning was determined by a drawing. the first question goes to mr. perot. he wl have 2 minutes to answer to be followed by rebuttals of 1 minute each by governor clinton and then president bush. gentlemen, good evening. >> the first pic tonight is, what separates each of you from the other. mr. perot, what do you believe tonight is the single most important separating issue of this campaign? pa is that 5.5 ipal issue that million people came together and put me on the ballot. i was not put on the ballot by money, by any foreign lomoney or special interest money. this is a movement that came from the people. this is the way the framers of the constitution intended the government to be. it
changes. host: all right. rob, we're going to let you go. our next call will be coming from john on our line for independents, calling from florida this morning. go ahead, john. >> good morning. i just wanted to, first of all, i believe in check and balances in the constitution, and the united states says we should have. i don't want one party running anything. the bottom line is people -- i think 80% of the people in the united states don't even know the constitution, and for limited government, not as a progressive, which, by the way, is what obama is, a progressive, just like hillary clinton, who admitted she was. host: let's not go too far off the rails here. i understand that the constitution, the check and balances that the constitution refers to is between the legislative, the judicial, and the executive branch, and doesn't really mention the establishment of a two-party system. caller: you need a two-party system. look what happened the first two years -- even though it took obama two years to get the healthcare through, they still had everything right there. unless you have a c
mentioned john stuart been normally, you can get a barometer of where the country is by the late-night comics. >> i thought you said comics. [laughter] >> i will let even get into the midst of that. >> but letterman is getting older and we will have a vacant chair at some point. [laughter] >> so what did jay leno say. >> they went from 8.3% to 8.1% and the reason was that three and 60,000 people dropped out of the work force entirely, stop looking for work, which is the only reason the numbers went down. nearly 400,000 people give up hope they could find work. so obama has a strategy for re- election which is encouraging even more people to stop looking for what. >> but the question is not whether the and employment rate is 8.1% or 8.3%. the question is whether it is better than when the president took office? >> absolutely not. when you have the worst employment participation in 30 years -- in the three and a half years of president obama tenure, gdp growth has been 1.5%. historically, for the last seven years, it has been 3.7%. we have had less than half the historical average
to think about is john roberts. he plays maybe not a pivotal role ideologically, but a pivotal role on how fast the court does anything. justice scalia, justice thomas, when they have a solid majority, they want to get to the end result. he will provide a fifth vote. the chief justice is more concerned with taking things incrementally and that will play out in all the big cases in the term. do you say that there is a constitutional right to same-sex marriage always are never or do you take a baby step in that area? do you say that section 5 is unconstitutional across the board argued car back on the number of jurisdictions that are subject to the pre-clearance regime? that is an incredibly important role. i will just add a fourth amendment case. the docket of all of the search and seizure cases coming up, be attentive to the new grant on when it is the police can take blood, when they think you are driving under the influence. there is an important case about that where it has the state's practice of taking blood when there is no accident. i would be surprised if the state's loss that beca
coming from special interest money. we have to get a handle on it. and like john mccain, i have learned from experience, and it's not a new position for me. 24 years ago i supported full public financing of all federal elections. and anybody who thinks i'm just saying it, it will be the first bill i send to the congress. i want you to know i care passionately about this and i will fight until it becomes law. >> i want people to hear what he just said. he is for full public financing of congressional elections. i'm absolutely, adamently opposed to that. i don't want the government financing congressional elections. >> on that wonderful note of disagreement, we have to stop here and we want to go now to your closing statements. governor bush is first. you have two minutes. >> thank you, jim. thank the university of massachusetts and mr. vice president, thank you. it has been a good, lively exchange. there is a huge difference of opinion. mine is i want to empower people in their own lives. i also want to go to washington to get some positive things done. it is going to require a new spiri
. we did the same thing in 1993. and i worked with john kasic and newt gingrich rich, and it got the job done. we balanced the budget. the unemployment rate was going down and poverty rates were going down. other than that, it didn't work. i didn't like the welfare bill. i voted against it because i didn't believe it provided the kind of child care and work support we needed to provide. we came back in, in 1997, and did it. i don't oppose of people receiving welfare to have to work. i think it is a good thing to do. i was governor in 1983 when we were in recession. we had no tax increase over that food. -- four years. we lowered the tax on ford. the governors will tell you. spend more money here, spend more money there. and we held the line. in this campaign i have endorsed republican proposals to cut spending. the conservative senator from oklahoma. i am proposing to cut congress today. it simply isn't true to say that i haven't supported spending cuts, because i have done plenty of it in the past. >> thank you. senator fisher you have a 30- second rebuttal. >> this was a signat
office. john mentioned the new legislation that was signed into law at the beginning of july, july 9th this year. that statute did enhance criminal penalties in a couple of different ways. there is a general intellectual property crime statute. what congress did was, in the fda amendments, they sneaked an enhancement, specifically for counterfeit drugs. they raised the penalty to 20 years and $5 million for a first offender as an individual. it goes up from there. the others think that those amendments did was use the food and drug cosmetic act definition of what a counterfeit drug is and apply that to the general crime statute. it makes it a little easier under the title 18 statute to prosecute. he did not have to get that patent and trademark stamp, a few extra things that we would need at trial to show that drug is counterfeit. they also added a new provision, we will see how it works out, specifically geared to adulterated drugs. it is a 20 year $1 million maximum sentence. it does add an extra element that we have to prove. on the other hand, and a lot of these counterfeit drugs a
. i liked the bill. john kerry and joe biden voted for the bill. that was an important piece of legislation. vote againstp cutting spending, requiring people to work for their checks, and against that landmark legislation? >> i did not boast against -- i did not vote against cutting spending p. i work with john t. sick and newt gingrich in 1997, and eat a balanced budget. it got the job done. the balanced the budget. we were paying off debt. the unemployment rate was going down. other than that it did not work. i did not like the welfare bill, because it did not provide the kind of child care support that we needed to provide, and became in in 1997 and did it. i did not require -- i did not oppose people of the kind to have to work. i do not disagree with that position at all. to say that i have opposed spending cuts is inaccurate. i was governor in 1983 when we were in recession. week lowered the tax on food as a consequence of a significant effort by the legislature. it was every interest group in the state that lined up. spend more money here, there. we held the line. in t
? will this approval process have to continue indefinitely, even as more partnering ramps up? >> first of all, john allen's order did not at that level restrict anything. it told subordinate commanders to assess their own situation in their own part of afghanistan, and they did that. i would suggest that what they did as part of that was buy themselves some time in order to determine whether we had to make any internal changes. that could be something as simple as reinforcing standards and discipline to adding potentially to the guardian angel program, and whenever it happens to be. that was all done, it seems to me, at the right level. it was not done at this level. it was done down where the boot meets the ground. the other thing that had to change was we needed buy-in from our afghan partners to make sure they were taking this as seriously as we did. i can tell you without hesitation they are taking this as seriously as we are and taking active measures to help us -- and them -- defeat this threat. i came back with a renewed sense that we can lower the risk of the insider threat. >> the percenta
's a wertheim of the naval postgraduate school. i am a john dewey educated person. she tied her way through graduate school typing all of his books. i am a great believer in collaborative learning. in the complex world we live in today, just thinking if you are this good in math but do not understand anything else, i think we are all losing out on that. one of the things i have observed in public schools is that their job is to give the answer, not last the right question. my question for you is, how do we open up curiosity and allow these kids to challenge and not be penalized because their teachers do not understand the answers? their job is to say who has the answer and where do we go find it? i have been with the defense department for 35 years. getting them to talk or is donnelly is really hard and i am hoping you will do something about a -- two top horizontal the is really hard, and i am hoping you will do something about that in our education system, starting with kindergarten. experts we are not there yet. what are we trying to teach? is it a row number of facts that we can all goo
. an example, the john deere company developed a suite of farm tools that could be attached to a small tractor. the result has been a good investment for the company and a greater opportunity for african farmers who are able to grow more crops and provide for more plentiful lives of their own. for american foreign aid to become more effective, it has got to embrace the principles that you see in these global initiatives -- the power of partnerships, access to the transformative nature of free enterprise, and the leverage of the abundant resources that can come from the private sector. i believe there are three legitimate object of our foreign aid in this country. first is to address humanitarian needs. this is the case with petfar, which has given millions help. the second is to foster substantial united states' strategic interests, perhaps military, diplomatic, or economic. the third is one that has to receive more attention at a higher priority in the romney administration. that is something that elevates people and brings about lasting change in communities and nations. for example, a lot o
position of opposing terrorism is far better than john kerry's who thinks that terrorism is a form of criminality. >> you also said he did not agree with him on most of the issues but as far as you're is -- israel is concerned, you supported israel. >> you are not quoting me correctly. the quote is the one i gave you. >> when obama ran, you said you were supporting him because of the fact you heard he would be good for israel. >> that is not what i said at all. >> what is the question? >> said it now, that was one of the biggest mistake you ever made. >> please, what is your question. >> are you supporting obama and? >> yes. >> what is the reason why you are supporting him? >> i did already. i believe there is a whole aspect of issues to be considered and on domestic issues, i will not go through it again, you cannot compare the democrats and republicans. the democrats are so far better on medicare and medicaid and social security and taxing the wealthy. and with respect to his position on israel, i hope to move him to mind. >> try this gentleman over here. we will come back. i fee
make informed decisions and it is applied uniformly across the country. host: john from illinois. republican caller. caller: thank you for keeping this up. i am a 25-year insurance broker in illinois. i write for probably seven or eight carriers will actually do business right now and have for years and every state. this fallacy that an exchange will somehow help people buy health insurance at a lower price is not really true. i just recently attended a meeting, one of the large insurance carriers, health alliance, and they decided their actuaries are telling them that young people will probably pay upwards of 40% more because the three-to-one ratio for an older person to try to have to buy their premium at a certain price reverses a younger person. one last comment i want to make. believe it or not, every woman out there now when they buy through an exchange or insurance carrier, will have to have maternity coverage, whether they want it or not. that alone has cost probably 25%-30% for someone correctly if they want to add it. host: maternity coverage, did you say? are there? gu
. john mccain himself says it starts with immigration. it is not the only issue. but how does the republican candidate run the gauntlet of a primary season in which region where there are attacks from the white -- from the right? we saw it with matt wittman. -- meg whitman. thegot attacked in primary. she bought out pete wilson and she wanted to deport her nanny by the end of the election. the hispanic vote turned out a dent in huge numbers for jerry brown who did very little to win their affections. >> we could easily be having this conversation about the democratic difficulties among whites. it would change -- if you have the candidate with half the hispanic vote, we would talk about why obama would drop from 42% whites to lower. a hurdle that is so high. the share of whites who have to win become the reagan-s. -- reagan-esque. >> hispanics are not attached to the democratic party the way african-americans are. we cannot just assume because there is a growth of spending votes that those of democratic votes. republicans who run for office did very well with hispanic voters. a
.s. president john f. kennedy established the peace corps, at its very first mission was in ghana. in the past two decades, ghana's position of peace has been tested again and again, as the region was ravaged by one civil war after another. however, we have held firm to that position and we will continue to do so. because ghana wishes to coax the harmonies with all of our neighbors -- coexist harmonious sleep with all of our neighbors, we are ever conscious of peace. the unfolding tensions in cote coteire have been after -- d'ivoire are of continued concern to us. we will not be the storehouse of any resources or weapons that will be used to disrupt the peace and development of other nations. we will not harbor any individuals or groups whose intent is to utilize ghana as a base of repression to undermine the safety and security of our neighbors. [applause] we will work under the protocol and utilize whatever tools of diplomacy are at our disposal to ensure that security and peace are established in mali and cote d'ivoire, at that these countries find a place among other african countries in t
to other groups. there seems to be a turning going john greater than -- going on. when you buy a bottle of wine and there is a price tag and it is the key and it tears, -- it is sticky and it tears, that is what we feel like. i do not know if we will ever get the price tag off. the other parts that are interesting are officers and directors, which are listed. the top vendor, they have to is fair top vendors, which can be interesting, but this is not easy. what we have been doing with the information we do find is incorporating it on to our website on a particular organization, services americans for prosperity, and you can see we do say this is not reported anywhere, but we have sounded ourselves by digging through irs filings, but we do show information about who is giving to this group. it is historical, so it is going to be a year old, and we know we are only getting the tip of the iceberg. next slide. our research has taught us hillary clinton was right when there is a vast right wing conspiracy. there is also a left wing conspiracy. on this side you can see the conservative network
what in the 1960's find out what pakistan had done right. chinese introduced them to one john le of these professors, actually a businessman, who had come in 1979 or something. he said, i came here in the pakistan. that relative deterioration of the system, i would argue it has led to inner lookingness. help pakistan reach out to get neighbors. it is crucial to see whether the united states and china. and there may be in pakistan. the chinese ambassador, when he hmm would talk to me about their close to ours. that islamic fundamentalism. that sounds like a set of goals. can we work with other people. what americans will do. it is a question of if pakistan out. one of the greatest things that has happened in the last few years is that, unless i read them incorrectly, the leadership of the military has blessed the opening to india. those of you who have much more experience in pakistan than i greta high know that was not the case a fewin india, there was skepticism whether or not the pakistan military supports this opening. i believe it to be the case. the point is that the traditi
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